For the Tenants

Tenants renting stables at the Northern Equestrian Centre are given their own tack/feed area in a locked shed. Those renting paddocks will have their own private feed/tack area adjacent to their stable.

A wash bay (with lights) is central to all stable blocks. Full bathroom amenities, including hot showers, are adjacent to the Indoor Arena. Facilities are provided for making tea and coffee, and soft drinks are available for purchase.

Tenants have access to the all-weather outdoor arenas including the 80m x 60m Showjumping arena and the 60mx 20m Dressage arena. There are also arena lights for those who ride later in the day.

The Indoor Arena is available to Tenants free of charge most weekday mornings prior to 8.00am except when there is a show or clinic booked (there will be a small charge for the use of lights if required). Tenants may also use the Indoor free of charge on Monday evenings between 5.30pm – 7.00pm (lights included). Outside of these times, Tenants may privately book the Indoor Arena for periods of 30 minutes or more at a discounted price.

Tenants can purchase quality feed from the NEC. As well as chaff, oats, lucerne and hay, we sell a range of Johnsons and Mitavite products.

Tenants are asked to keep stables in good order with good quality sawdust bedding and shellgrit in the day yards, at their own cost. Both sawdust and shellgrit can be purchased through the NEC if required.

The NEC property primarily runs on rainwater (filtered). Tenants are asked to conserve water, especially in the summer period.

As well as agistment facilities, we offer a wide range of services for the “horse owner”. Long or short-term feeding, stable cleaning, exercising horses, etc can be arranged at any time at an additional cost.

If you are interested in agistment, please contact us to organise a mutually convenient time to meet and view the facilities.




Effective August 2012

Stable Rent is to be paid two weeks in advance.

All Riders must wear approved safety hats and riding boots whilst using the NEC property.

The speed limit on the Northern Equestrian Centre property is 20km.

For your safety and the safety of others, horses are not to be tied up in the stable block aisles. Please saddle, rug and groom your horses in your stable.

Horses being shod or clipped may be tied-up the open area of the back stable block. This area must be cleared and swept up immediately after use. If you are not going to be in attendance, please organise for the farrier to sweep all trimmings and nails to one side and you can place in the bin on your arrival. Farriers are not permitted to work in the wash bay.

Stables must be cleaned daily and kept in good order with sawdust and shellgrit topped up all year round. If stables and yards are not kept to a satisfactory standard, sawdust and shellgrit will be organised at your expense. Paddocks are to be cleaned at least once a week and kept in good order, including sawdust.

Please pick up your horse’s manure off the arena, wash bay, driveway & walkways. A wheelbarrow has been made available near the seat under the tree for manure picked up from the shellgrit arena. Empty wheelbarrows immediately after use to make available for others.

Manure pit is for manure only. No string. No rubbish.

Please keep aisle ways clear of all gear and sweep daily (sort out a sweeping roster system between yourselves). Only feed for the next morning or night should be left out.

For security reasons, please keep rugs to a minimum on the rack outside the front of your stable.

Feed and tack areas are to be kept clean at all times. This includes the area outside where feed has been delivered. No smoking in feed and tack areas.

Wash Bay is to be kept clean and tidy. Please pick up manure, place rubbish in a bin and pack away your own items of shampoo , hoof dressing, etc.

Windsuckers must have a wind-sucking collar on all at times in stables & paddocks.

Ensure all sheds are locked and the lights are turned off when you leave.

Automatic water troughs are provided in stables and paddocks. Water buckets are not permitted without permission from owners of NEC.

Please report any damages and maintenance requirements immediately.

The NEC is private property and visitors must be accompanied.

Inform us of any changes to your telephone numbers etc, in case we need to contact you.

A Social Media Policy is in place.

Two week’s notice is required if you intend to give up your stable/paddock. Stables & paddocks are to be left clean & tidy.