Specialist Training

The biggest part of our business at Reed Equestrian Australia involves training horses from our home base at the Northern Equestrian Centre. Clients place horses here for all types of training, short and long-term. Horses are usually sent here for preparation for sale or competition and include all disciplines.
• Showjumping
• Dressage
• Eventing
• Show Horse
• Racing Industry

Specialist training here at the NEC is regularly sought by other Professional Riders. As an example we have been asked to teach flying changes to Eventers and Dressage horses, provide equestrian training for Thoroughbred Race Horses and teach basic jumping to Western trained horses. We also do a lot of work with stallions for their Warmblood Classification training (ie free-jumping).

On numerous occasions we have prepared thoroughbreds “off the track” for some of the State’s leading Show Horse competitors.

Clients Interstate and Overseas own the majority of our showjumping competition horses. These horses live here full time and compete at shows travelling throughout South Australia as well as Interstate. All the horses are here to compete at the highest level possible, therefore increasing their value as serious competition horses.Clive’s main field of expertise is jumping. As well as representing the State of South Australia in Showjumping, Clive has competed at World Cup level on several different horses. However, with “German” influence, flatwork plays the major part in the training programs for all the horses, no matter what level. Clients are always given a professional assessment on how the horse’s training is progressing, and are encouraged to be involved in all aspects of their programme.

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